Rovin provides a wide range of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and equipment for hire. Rovin’s ROV capabilities are able to provide the most appropriate machine for the specific requirements of our clients. 

Rovin’s  ROV services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cable and pipeline tracking
  • Marine survey support
  • Seabed video and photography
  • Visual and sonar inspections
  • Diver support
  • Dock/harbour wall surveys
  • Bridge inspections
  • Water tower
  • Water tanks
  • Ship hull inspections​

Uwild Image

Having completed UWILD inspections globally ROVIN has developed its  own range of equipment and tooling to provide a fully managed, integrated UWILD service offering.

With deployment options from either the FPSO or vessel based we can offer the correct package for any UWILD requirement.

Our value driven high quality service offering is achieved by knowledgeable and experienced personnel utilising high quality ROV systems and tooling.

IRM Image

We have a range of ROV systems, high specification deployment systems and ancillary tooling packages in our fleet that ensures we provide the best solution for the project.

Typical inspection tasks include;

  • GVI & CVI of components
  • Survey of seabed infrastructure
  • Subsea cleaning
  • NDT inspection - ultrasonic wall thickness, flooded member detection and CP
  • FMD
Renewables Image

Rovin provides ROV services to those developing, constructing, installing or maintaining offshore wind farms.

Our bespoke client services encompass scope of works on offshore wind farm monopiles, steel jacket and floating, moored structures in deeper locations.

Decommissioning Image

Our fleet of ROV systems and tools are able to assist with a range of decommissioning tasks. Our technicians have also developed a number of client/project specific tools where an off the shelf product has not been available.

Our experience includes;

  • pre-survey
  • subsea cleaning
  • diver support
  • subsea rigging
  • bespoke tooling